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social science project topics
social science project topics
  1. A Comparative Analysis of the Problems of Post-Millitary Rule in Nigeria and Ghana: (1992- 2011)
  2. A Comparative Study of Opinions and Perceptions on Factors Affecting Human Trafficking in Imo and Edo States of Nigeria – social science project topics
  3. A Critical Analysis of Israeli-Palestinia Crisis, from George. W. Bush to Barak Obama Adminitraion
  4. A Critical Assesment of Politics and Diplomacy of Post-Gaddafi Libya
  5. A Critical Assessment of Political and Diplomacy of Post-Gaddafi Libya
  6. A Study of 2 Samuel 13:1-22: a Call for 6Guidance And Counselling Among The Youths In Nigeria
  7. A Survey of Public Opinion on some Aspects of Social Change and Crime in Nigeria: a Study of Udi L.G.A. Of Enugu State Nigeria   
  8. Abusive Supervision, Work Tension and Overload as Predictors of Counter Productive Work Behaviour. 
  9. Access to Care and Support Services for people Living With Hiv/Aids in Enugu State
  10. Access to Primary Health Care Services and Child Mortality in Orumba North Local Government Area, Anambra State, Nigeria  
  11. Administration of Justice and Internal Party Democracy: a Study of 2007 People’s Democratic Party Gubernatorial Primary Election in Rivers State
  12. Africa and the United Nations Millennium Reforms: a Critical Appraisal
  13. Africa And Un Reforms: An Assessment Of Nigeria’S Quest For The Security Council Permanent Seat.
  14. African Command (Africom); The Politics And Implications For Nigeria’S Security And Strategic Development
  15. African Growth and Opportunity Act and Politics of Textile Production in Nigeria, 2000-2012.
  16. African Traditional Medicine Men and Christian Healing Ministries in Nigerian Contemporary Society: a Comparative Approach
  17. African Union and Conflict Resolution in Africa: a Case of Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), 2002-2010  
  18. African Union and Resolution of the Post 2010-2011 Election Crisis in Cote D’ivoire.
  19. Agoa and African Underdevelopment, a Critical Analysis of a Major Contradictions
  20. Alleviating Poverty Through Community Action Since 1999: A Case Study Of Orsu L.G.A Imo State
  21. An Analysis of Diplomatic Relations Between Nigeria and European Union, 1999 – 2010
  22. An Analysis of Nigeria- Us Relations, 1999-2009 social science project topics
  23. An Appraisal of Senior Staff Training and Development Scheme in Federal College of Education (Technical) Potiskum 
  24. An Assessment of Institutional Mechanisms for Combating Corruption in Nigerian Public Service
  25. an assessment of the impact of budget implementation in the attainment of the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs)- social science project topics
  26. An Assessment of the Implementation of Monetization of Fringe Benefits in the Federal Ministries, Abuja (2003-2009)
  27. An assessment of the Strategies for Effective Human Resources Training and Utilization in the Nigerian Public Organization (A Case Study of UNN
  28. An Assessment Of The Strategies For Effective Human Resources Training And Utilization In The Nigerian Public Organization (A Case Study Of Unn)
  29. An Empirical Analysis of Purchasing Power Parity: A Case Study of Two Anglophone Ecowas Members- social science project topics
  30. An Empirical Analysis of The Relationship Between Exchange Rate And Stock Prices in Nigeria
  31. An Evaluation Of Alternative Energy Resources In Nigeria: A Study Of The Research On New Energy Technologies By The Energy Centre, University Of Nigeria, Nsukka.
  32. An Evaluation of the Concepts of Human Rights And Equality Among The Tiv People of Benue State, Nigeria
  33. An Evaluation of the Judiciary as a Major Plank of Criminal Justice System in Nigeria: A Study of Enugu State
  34. Analysis of Multidimensional Poverty and Inequality in Nigeria:Evidence from the Welfare Indicator Survey Data- social science project topics
  35. Assessment of Administrative Management Processes Multinational Organizations in Nigeria: A Case Study of Coca-Cola Company, Nigeria, Enugu Plant
  36. Assessment of Spirituality in Decision-Making in Private and Public Organisations in Anambra State, Nigeria
  37. Associated Gas Flaring and Re-Injection Policy-Making and Implementation in Nigeria (1960-2010)
  38. Attitude Towards Bride Price, Educational Status and Socio- Economic Status as Factors Determining Self-Esteem Among Igbo Women in Enugu State
  39. Attribution Style, Self-Esteem and Marital Status as Predictors of Life Satisfaction
  40. Baiyeri, Hezekiah Banji Belief in Reincarnation among the Igbo of Nigeria: a Challenge to Christianitysocial science project topics
  41. Boko Haram Insurgency and Nigeria’S Relations with United States, 2009 – 2014
  42. Brain Drain and National Development in Nigeria
  43. Budget Implementation and the Achievement of Millennium Development Goals (MDGS) – Related Programmes in Anambra State, Nigeria (2004 – 2010)
  44. By Problems and Prospects Of Community Development In Ebonyi State
  45. Capacity Building as a Strategy for Enhancing Development in Ekeremor Local Government in Bayelsa State of Nigeria
  46. Challenges of Waste Management in Lagos State. A Case Study of Lagos State Waste Management Authority
  47. Child Labour in the Nigerian Society: a Case Study of Nsukka Urban
  48. Christianity and Autochthonous Burial Rites among The Ovim Igbo: a Study in Cultural Change in an Igbo Sub-group of South-Eastern Nigerian- social science project topics
  49. Civil Society Organization and Democratic Consolidation in Nigeria and Ghana, 2003 – 2013
  50. Civil Society Organizations And The Monitoring Of 2007 General Elections In Enugu State: A Case Study Of The Civil Liberties Organization (CLO)
  51. Climate Change and Political Conflict in Africa: Focus on Migration and Refugees in the Continent
  52. Coalitions and Instability: a Comparative Analysis of the NCNC/NPC Alliance and the NPN/NPP Accord in Nigeria
  53. Commercialization and Employee Motivation: A Case Study of Power Holding Company of Nigeria Enugu.
  54. Commercialization and Workers’ Remuneration: a Study of Nigeria Ports Plc (NPPLC) Lagos
  55. Commonwealth Integration And Nigeria’S Foreign Policy, 1999-2007
  56. Community Participation and Rural Development in Ihe-Owere, Nsukka Local Government Area of Enugu State, 2012-2014
  57. Community Participation In Rural Development In Nigeria; The Case Of Igbo-Eze South L.G.A (1999-2010)
  58. Comparative Analysis of Federalism and Natural Resource Management in Nigeria and South Africa (1960-2010)
  59. Competency Improvement Needs Of Farmers In Soil Conservation In Kogi State
  60. Conflict Management And Crises Of Development In Africa: A Case Study Of The United Nations Management Of Darfur Crises
  61. Contemporary Strategy And Nigeria’S Defence Policy: A Critical Study Of The Joint Task Force In Niger Delta
  62. Contributions of Qua Iboe Church (United Evangelical Church) to National Development
  63. Control Mechanisms and the Management of the Funds of Local Governments on Nigeria: A Case Study of Anambra State.
  64. Corruption And Performance Of Public Corporations In Nigeria (A Case Study Of PHCN)
  65. Corruption and Public Accountability in Local Government administration in Nigeria: A case study of Southern Ijaw Local Government 1999-2010, Bayelsa State.
  66. Corruption, University Governance and Development: A Case Study of University of Nigeria, Nsukka (2001-2011)  
  67. Culturally Defined Equity Response and Delay- Outcome Index in the Management of Childhood Fevers Among Mbaise People of Southeastern Nigeria: Implications for Malaria Control in Nigeria
  68. Democratisation and National Development: a Comparative Analysis of Nigeria and South Korea, 1999 To 2000
  69. Determinaants of Real Exchange Rate in Nigeria (1975-2009)
  70. Determinants of import demand for Cameroon 1968-88 – social science project topics
  71. Determinants of Nigeria’s Non-Oil Import Demand
  72. Developing Effective Communication in the Management of Nigeria Public Organization: Case Study of the National Plectric Power Authority, Abia State.
  73. Developmental Implications of Early Marriage in Nigera: A Study of Uzo-Uwani Local Government Area.social science project topics
  74. Domestic Macroeconomic Policies and Private Fixed Capital Formation in Nigeria: A Var Approach
  75. Domestic Politics and Foreign Policy Dynamics in Nigeria: an Appraisal of Obasanjo’S Administration, 1999 – 2003
  76. Dominance, Educational Level and Child-Sex as Predictors of Marital Conflict in Nsukka LGA.
  77. Economic Dependency And Underdevelopment In Africa: The Nigerian Perspectives, 2000-2010
  78. Economic Diplomacy And Conduct Of Nigeria’S External Relations: Analysis Of The National Economic Empowerment And Development Strategy (NEEDS)
  79. Economic Diplomacy and Nigeria – China Relations (1999-2007
  80. Economic Planning And Management in Nigeria: a Comparative Analysis of SAP And NEEDS
  81. Economic Planning And Management On Nigeria: A Comparative Analysis Of SAP and NEEDS
  82. Economic Reform and National Development: A Comparative Analysis of Nigeria and China, 1999 – 2010
  83. ECOWAS and Arms Control in West Africa; a Focus on the Niger-Delta Amnesty
  84. Ecumenism in Nigeria: the Roman Catholic contribution
  85. Effective Leadership and Organizational Performance: A Case Study of National Youth Service Corps (Nysc) Kogi State- social science project topics
  86. Effectiveness of Government Intervention Strategies and Youth Unemployment in Kogi state, Nigeria 2000-2010
  87. Effects of Cognitive Style and Context On Creativity
  88. Effects of Context, Cognitive Style and Gender on Problem Solving
  89. Effects of Dividend Policy on Sharing Price of UBA stock: 1979-1993
  90. Effects of Ethnic Nationalism on Internal Security in the Niger Delta Region (1999-2014)
  91. Effects of Imagery, Cognitive Style and Gender on Prospective and Retrospective Memory
  92. Effects of mental imagery, reward and gender on creativity
  93. Effects of Punishment Threats and Reward on Social Loafing
  94. Efficiency And Effectiveness In Public Institutions Through Performance Appraisal: A Focus Of The Anambra State Water Corporation (1999 – 2008) 
  95. Election Planning, Administration And Management In Nigeria (1999 – 2010)
  96. Electoral Malpractices and Democratic Consolidation in Nigeria: a Study of the 2007 Presidential Election
  97. Electoral Process And Political Participation In Nkanu West L.G.A. Of Enugu State During The 2011 Elections- social science project topics
  98. Electoral Violence in Nigeria: The Case of Anambra State Gubernatorial Elections (2003 and 2007)
  99. Empirical Analysis of Wage Differentials Among Public Servants in Nigeria
  100. Empirical Evidence of Export Responses to Exchange Rate Volatility in Nigeria




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