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  1. A Comparative Analysis of the Mathematics Curricula Courses of Secondary Schools and Universities: Implication for Students Attitude Towards the Study of Mathematics
  2. A Comparative Study of Transformational Leadership Behaviours of Administrators in Public and Private Secondary Schools in Nsukka Education Zone of Enugu State
  3. A Study Of The Organisation Of Home Economics Programme Of The Ministry Of Agriculture And Natural Resources in Imo State And Its Educational Implication To Rural Woman
  4. Accessibility and Utilization of Reference Resources and Services by Students in Colleges of Education in Anambra and Enugu States of Nigeria
  5. Accident Prevention Practices of Urban Households in Plateau State
  6. Acquisition and Utilization of Library-Oriented Software Packages in Academic Libraries in Akwa Ibom and Cross River States
  7. Acquisition of Science Process Skills among Senior Secondary School Students in Enugu State of Nigeria
  8. Administration and Collection of Value Added Tax (VAT) in Government Parastatals in Enugu and Anambra States, Nigeria
  9. Administrative Barriers To Community Development Programmes In Nsukka Local Government Area
  10. Agency Involvement in the Development of Primary School Libraries in South East States of Nigeria 1980-2010
  12. Agricultural Risks Management Strategies Needed by Farmers in Western Agricultural Zone of Kogi State
  13. Alcohol Use Knowledge, Attitude and Practice among Secondary School Students in Owerri North L.G.A of Imo State
  14. An Appraisal of Child-Friendly Status (CFS) of Early Childhood Care Education (ECCE) Schools in Niger State
  15. An Evaluation of the Implementation of Language of Instruction Policy in Primary Schools in Local Education Authorities in Udenu Local Government Area in Enugu State
  16. An Investigation into the Status of Safety Practices in Wood Workshops of Technical Colleges in Niger State
  17. Analysis of Gender Participation in Agricultural Food Crop Production Activities in Nigeria
  18. Analysis of Production Performance and Profitability of Pig Farms in Enugu State, Nigeria
  19. Application of Accounting Ratios in Measuring Solvency of Small Scale Industries in the Manufacturing Sector of Cross River State, Nigeria
  20. Application of Collection Development Policies on Academic Libraries in North West, Nigera
  21. Application of Indigenous Knowledge to Sustainable Agricultural Production in Enugu State: Constraints and Enhancement Strategies.
  22. Application of Latent Trait Models in the Development and Standardization of a Physics Achievement Test for Senior Secondary Students
  23. Appraisal of Budgetary Practices in Grant-Aided Secondary Schools in North Central, Nigeria
  24. Appraisal of Early Child Care Centres in Public Primary Schools in Udenu Local Government Education Authority of Enugu State
  25. Appraisal of Early Childhood Education Programme Implementation in Enugu State
  26. Appraisal of Reference Services in Two Public Libraries – the FCT City Library Wuse Abuja and Nassarawa State Library, Lafia
  27. Appraisal of the Administrative Task Areas and Competencies Required of Colleges of Education (Technical) Administrators in Nigeria
  28. Appraisal of the Implementation of the National Blue Print on Pre-Primary Education in Aba Education Zone of Abia State.
  29. Appraisal of Women Farmers’ Participation in Agricultural Development Project (ADP) Programmes in Enugu State.
  30. Aristotle’s Theory of Education: it’s Application to Secondary Schools in Nnewi Education Zone of Anambra State.
  31. Assessment of Academic Library Collections in Enugu State and its Implications to the Achievement of the Millenium Development Goals (Mdg) in Nigeria
  32. Assessment of Back of the Book Indexes in Natural Science Books Published in Nigeria
  33. Assessment of Competencies Possessed and Demonstrated by Technical College Products Employed in Tertiary Institutions in Anambra State, Nigeria
  34. Assessment of Computer Literacy among Academic Staff of Nasarawa State University Keffi and University of Jos
  35. Assessment of Financial Management Practices of Secondary Schools in Nsukka and Obollo Education Zones of Enugu State
  36. Assessment of Franchising Practices Adopted by Oil and Gas Firms (Total Nigeria Plc) as Perceived by Retail Marketers in Edo State
  37. Assessment of Internet Literacy Skills of Academic Staff in Two Faculties in the University Of Nigeria, Nsukka
  38. Assessment of Library Resources in Theological Institutions in North Central States of Nigeria
  39. Assessment Of People’S Perception Of Grassroots Community Development Projects In Ezza South Lga Of Ebonyi State
  40. Assessment Of Personnel And Personnel Development Programme Of The Distance Education Institutes In Abia State
  41. Assessment of Policy Implementation on Early Childhood Education in Ogoja Education Zone, Cross River State
  42. Assessment of Public Finance Management Practices in Local Government Councils in Enugu State
  43. Assessment of Quality Control Measures of Nursery Schools in Rivers State, Nigeria
  44. Assessment of Reference and Information Services in State Teaching Hospital Medical Libraries in South East Nigeria
  45. Assessment of Reference and Information Services to Undergraduate Students in Federal University Libraries in Enugu and Anambra States
  46. Assessment of Reference Services in Academic Libraries in Benue State
  47. Assessment of School Principals Mentorship of Subordinates in Imo State Secondary Schools
  48. Assessment of Skill Development Programmes Offered to Special Needs Learners in Vocational Rehabilitation Centres in South West of Nigeria.
  49. Assessment Of Strategies For Rural Development In Isi –Uzo Local Government Area In Enugu State
  50. Assessment Of Strategies For Rural Development In Isi –Uzo Local Government Area In Enugu State.
  51. Assessment of Supervisory Roles of Principals for Quality Education in Public Secondary Schools in the Federal Capital Territory Abuja, Nigeria
  52. Assessment of Teachers Readiness for the Implementation of the New Cultural and Creative Art Curriculum in Primary Education
  53. Assessment of the Availability and Utilization of Information Technology (IT) Facilities in Bayelsa State Ministry Of Education
  54. Assessment of the Competencies of Librarians in the Use of ICT for Reference and Information Service in Academic Libraries in Enugustate
  55. Assessment of the Effectiveness of Industrial Training Fund in Human Resource Development in Nigeria
  56. Assessment of the Extent of Students’ Achievement of Environmental Contents of Social Studies in Nsukka Education Zone of Enugu State
  57. Assessment Of The Harmful Cultural Practices Affecting The Health Of Rural Women: A Study Of Community Based Women Organisations In Ebonyi State
  58. Assessment of the Management and Sustainability of Science and Technology Education Post-Basic (Step-B) Project in Federal Unity Colleges in South-South, Nigeria
  59. Assessment of the National Open Apprenticeship Scheme of the National Directorate of Employment in North-Central Zone of Nigeria
  60. Assessment Of Women’S Participation In Community Development Projects In Nsukka Local Government Area Of Enugu State
  61. Attitude and Practice of Health Care Professionals, Regarding HIV and AIDS in Abia State Hospitals
  62. Attitude of Mothers Attending Antenatal Clinics at General Hospitals in Anambra State Towards Cesarean Delivery
  63. Attitude Of Undergraduate Students Towards The Academic Use Of Electronic Information Resources In Two Federal Universities In Enugu And Anambra States.
  64. Availability and Use of Electronic Information Resources and Service Delivery in University Libraries in South-South Nigeria
  65. Availability and Use of Grey Literature for Science and Technology Research in University Libraries in South East,Nigeria
  66. Availability and Utilization of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Facilities in Colleges of Education Libraries in Kano State Nigeria
  67. Availability and Utilization of Library Facilities by Students with Visual Impairment in Universities in Enugu State
  68. Availability and Utilization of Web-Based Tools for Effective Delivery of Instruction In Nigerian Universities in South-South Zone
  69. Availability of Library Resources and Research Productivity in Nigerian Medical Science Research Institutes
  70. Availability, Adequacy and Utilization of Child Health Services in Primary Health Care Centers in Nsukka Health District, Enugu State
  71. Awareness on the Influence of Macro-Environmental Forces on Marketing Activities of Small Scale Business Operators in Oyo State
  72. Bibliometric Analysis of Postgraduate Research Reports in Library and Information Science in Nigerian Universities
  73. Book Exhibition as a Marketing Strategy for Library Services in Academic Libraries in North – East Nigeria
  74. Capacity Building Needs of Teachers of Fabrication and Welding Engineering Craft Practice for Effective Teaching in Technical Colleges in Ondo and Ekiti States
  75. Case Fatality of Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (Aids) at University of Port Harcourt Teaching Hospital (2003 – 2008)
  76. Challenges Lecturers and Students Encounter in the Use of Audiovisual Resources in University Libraries in Anambra State
  77. Cognitive Styles and Attitude to Science of Senior Secondary School Science Students of Different Cognitive Ability Levels
  79. Combined Effect of Computer Tutorial and Drill on Senior Secondary School Students’ Achievement, Interest, and Retention in Basic Electronics in Lagos State
  80. Comparative Analysis of Agricultural Science Instructional Resource Utilization in Public and Private Secondary Schools in Ankpa Education Zone of Kogi State
  81. Comparative Effect of Epodewalad and Power Simulation Games on Students Achievement and Interest in Some Environmental Education Concepts in Geography
  82. Comparative Effect of Guided and Structured Inquiry Techniques on the Performance of Technical College Students in Motor Vehicle Mechanic Work in Ekiti State
  83. Comparative Effect of Kolb’s Experiential Learning Model and Gardner’s Multiple Intelligence Learning Model on Students’ Achievement and Interest in Auto-Electricity
  84. Comparative Effects of Project and Lecture Methods on Secondary School Students’ Academic Achievement in Economics
  85. Comparative Effects of Two and Three Dimensional Techniques of Autocad on Spatial Ability, Interest and Achievement of National Diploma Students in Engineering Graphics
  86. Comparative Study of the Reading Habits of Theological and Management Students of St. Paul’S University College, Awka.
  87. Competencies Possessed by Library and Information Science Students for Entrepreneurship in Three Nigerian Universities
  88. Competencies Required by Polytechnic Librarians in North Central States of Nigeria
  89. Competency Improvement Needs of Electrical/Electronic Lecturers of Polytechnics in North Western Nigeria
  90. Computer-Aided Instruction Competencies Possessed by Business Education Teachers for Teaching Financial Accounting in Senior Secondary Schools in Taraba State, Nigeria.
  91. Conflict Management Strategies of Secondary School Principals in Ebonyi State, Nigeria.
  92. Consultancy Services in First Generation Federal University Libraries in Nigeria.
  93. Contributions of Small Scale Entrepreneurs in Private Sector Development in Enugu State, Nigeria
  94. Corporate Fraud Control and Prevention Systems in Commercial Banks in Enugu State, Nigeria
  95. Corporate Social Responsibilities Of Shell Petroleum Development Company (Spdc) And Nigeria Agip Oil Company (Noac) For Sustainable Community Development In Rivers State.
  96. Correlation of Secretarial Students’ Pre-ND and ND Final Examinations in Four Secretarial Courses at Federal Polytechnics in North-Central Nigeria (1995/1996 – 2001/2002)
  97. Cost Accounting Skills Needs of Small Business Operators in Anambra State
  98. Delinquent Readership Problems in Libraries of Colleges of Education in Enugu and Ebonyi States
  99. Demographic Characteristics as Predictors of Social Competence and Emotional Intelligence of Secondary School Students in Nsukka, Enugu State, Nigeria
  100. Demographic Characteristics of Out-of-School Adolescent Substance Abusers in Aba South Local Government Area of Abia State




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