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Economics education project topics and materials

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Development of Clothing Merchandising Curriculum for Integration into Home Economics Education Programme of Universities in South-East Nigeria

Abstract: This study developed a clothing merchandising curriculum for integration into the Home Economics Programme of Universities in South-East Nigeria. Specifically, the study sought to: determine specific objectives of clothing merchandising curriculum; determine content of clothing merchandising education, determine delivery system to be used in teaching clothing merchandising curriculum; determine the evaluation activities to be adopted for assessing the achievement …

A Study Of The Organisation Of Home Economics Programme Of The Ministry Of Agriculture And Natural Resources in Imo State And Its Educational Implication To Rural Woman

Abstract: This work is a study of the organization of home economics out-reach programme of the Ministry of , Agriculture and Natural Resources in Imo State and its Educational Implications to the rural Women. The primary objective is to determine the numerical strength of present centres, there sources available , channel of communication adopted i n decision-making and offer recommendations …

Economics of Catfish (Clarias Gariepinus) Production in Bayelsa State, Nigeria

Abstract: The study investigated the economics of catfish (Clarias gariepinus) production in Bayelsa State, Nigeria. The broad objective of the study was to examine the economics of Catfish production in Bayelsa State, Nigeria. The specific objectives were to: (i) describe the socio-economic characteristics of catfish farming; (ii) determine the technical efficiency of catfish farming; (iii) identify factors that influence technical …

Economics of Processing Cassava into Garri and Pellets in Kogi State, Nigeria

Abstract: This study was conducted to investigate the economics of cassava processing into garri and pellets in Kogi State. Data were collected from 100 cassava processors (22 males and 78 females) and analysed to describe socio-economic characteristics, identify and describe various technologies used in cassava processing, ascertain gender roles, estimate the influence of socio-economic characteristics on income of processors, determine …

Economics Of Farm-Gate Rice Marketing In Enugu State, Nigeria

Abstract: Rice has become a staple food, just like yam, garri and beans. As a result, the marketing of rice has become very important due to increasing demand of the product. The study examined the economics of farm-gate rice marketing in Enugu State, Nigeria. Five objectives and one hypothesis guided the study. The study covered all the communities in the …

Economics Of Soil Conservation Practices Among Small Scale Farmers In Enugu State

Abstract: The study investigated the economics of soil conservation practices among small-scale farmers in Enugu State. The study used multi-stage random probability sampling method and the primary data were collected form 120 farmers using structured questionnaire. Data on the socio-economic status of the farmers, forms of land/soil degradation in the study area, methods/ technologies used in combating them, intensity of …

Comparative Effects of Project and Lecture Methods on Secondary School Students’ Academic Achievement in Economics

Abstract: This study focused on the effects of project and lecture methods on secondary school students’ academic achievement in Economics in Anambra State. The study adopted quasi experimental research design. The population consisted of 2243 male and 2528 female students from 49 secondary schools in Nnewi Education Zone. The sample size for this study was one hundred and forty-six (146) …

Development and Preliminary Validation of Economics Interest Inventory in Schools

Abstract: Non existence of valid instrument for assessing effective behaviours in our schools has been seen as a serious handicap in teaching and learning. Most teachers do not seem to possess enough competence in instrument development and validation. This therefore means that our teachers will rely on instruments that have been developed and validated by experts. This study therefore, sought …

Development and Validation of Economics Achievement Test for Senior Secondary School Students.

Abstract: This research work was intended to develop and validate an Economics Achievement Test. Related literature to this study showed that Economics in the Senior Secondary Schools is aimed at bringing about desirable behavioural changes which may be overt or covert. Such behavioural changes which are the products of the objectives of the teaching/learning situations need to be quantified and …

Strategies for Enhancing Safety Practices in Clothing and Textiles Laboratories in Colleges of Education in South East, Nigeria.

Abstract: The study was designed to evolve strategies for enhancing safety practice in clothing and textiles laboratories in Nigerian Colleges of Education. The study specifically identified the type of accidents prevalent in clothing and textiles laboratories, sources of accidents in clothing and textiles laboratories, safety practices presently adopted in these laboratories, the needed practices (gap) in clothing and textiles laboratories, …

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