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Success in our modern business world depends greatly on the right approach to manage a business. For businesses to succeed and deal with tough competition and new technological challenges, quality of product and service becomes more important. Today’s global competition coupled with the rapid development in technology, especially information technology that has made the world a global village, has compelled business organizations to develop strategies that will not only guarantee their stability but also growth in the face of this harsh, cut throat, survival of the fittest competition. The problems with the Nigerian companies are quite enormous and some of them can be put as follows: First, the Nigerian companies are evidently lagging behind in the global market competition, thus, they are fast losing ground, with some of them going out of business completely. Secondly, the Nigerian mangers have seemingly failed to explore TQM for their organizations. They have rather gotten stuck in the endless pursuit of what does not work for them any longer, the “blind” pursuit of profit, stability and growth. Thirdly, they have failed to appreciate that change is necessary and that a change from the above state pursuit to the pursuit of a customer focus strategy is a long overdue strategy decision that has been tipped to guarantee the ultimate realization of the former goals. Fourthly, due to lack of knowledge of the prospects of TQM, or lack of adequate finance, or engagement of inexperienced personnel in the TQM process, or lackadaisical attitude on the part of the organization concerning TQM, the TQM Practices in the Nigerian Industries which the Information and Communication Technology (ICTs) industry is part of, becomes problematic hence, the weak or poor performance of these industries in the actualization of their desired goals and objectives. This study sought to determine the uses and impact of Total Quality Management (TQM), in increasing customer satisfaction, with a focus on two ICTs Companies in Nigeria (Etisalat and Zain Group) Having made use of both primary and secondary data in sourcing information with a sample size of 190, the findings from the study reveals that: Total Quality Management is a modern approach to management in Nigeria; its application at the workplace has proved to be very useful and result oriented in Nigerian organizations; Etisalat and Zain Group have used TQM to modify their work process, as well as to achieve and sustain competitive edge, thereby increasing their customers satisfaction. It is obvious that the level of participation of employees in the planning process determines the workability of Total Quality Management. This is because in the implementation of Total Quality Management, all the employees at workplace need to get involved. Further still, the Degree of Staff commitment is closely related to the success of Total Quality Management at the workplace. However, for the employees to be committed their work schedule must be clearly defined. Furthermore, it is also evident that success of TQM requires training, retaining and development of the workforce

Project detailsContents
Number of Pages143 pages
Chapter one Introduction
Chapter two Literature review
Chapter three  methodology
Chapter  four  Data analysis
Chapter  five Summary,discussion & recommendations
Chapter summary1 to 5 chapters
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