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 The economic situation in Nigeria have lead to shift in emphasis on non-oil export as a way of boosting foreign exchange earnings as well as the diversification of the Nigeria economy. This have become important because of the deficiency in foreign exchange caused by fluctuations in oil prices and the Niger Delta issues which have led to drop in government revenue. Unfortunately, Merchant banks whose primary role is the provision of credit have been found wanting as regards granting of credit to the non-oil export sector. This limited availability of fund by Merchant banks to these non-oil export sectors have slowed down that sectors’ contribution to Nigeria’s Gross National Product. Therefore, this research intends to examine the contribution of Merchant Banks to financing the non-oil export sector; to determine whether Merchants’ loans and advances to the non-oil exports sector has positive impact on Nigeria’s Gross National Product as well as ascertaining the proportion of Merchant Bank’ total deposit mobilized to loan and advances to the non-oil sector. The research adopted the descriptive survey approach and a sample of six Merchant Banks was randomly selected. Questionnaires were distributed to targeted respondents and the data collated was analysed using the Pearson Moment Correlations and the t-test was employed in testing the significance that existed between the variable under study. The result as revealed by the tested hypotheses shows that Merchant banks are not playing encouraging role through the grant of loan and advances to the non-oil export sector; there was a positive correlation between loan and advances and Nigeria’s Gross National Product and the proportion of total deposit to non-oil export sector loans and advance is poor. The impact of merchant bank contributions through grant of loan and advances cannot be overemphasized as attested to by this research granted to the non-oil export sector as that sector has the potential to increase Nigeria’s foreign exchange as well as stimulating growth of the economy.

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Number of Pages89 pages
Chapter one Introduction
Chapter two Literature review
Chapter three  methodology
Chapter  four  Data analysis
Chapter  five Summary,discussion & recommendations
Chapter summary1 to 5 chapters
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