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 1.1 Background of the Study

 Organizations are established to perform certain tasks that could improve the lots of their customers. In other words organization's aim is to effectively provide goods and services to customers and in the process make profits. In trying to satisfy their customer's organization users resources in their production environment and dispose waste to it. To the effect, they are expected to render certain humanitarian (socially responsible) services as a way of compensation to their host communities. Social responsibility of a business organization according to Ugwunna (1999:63) is the provision of certain social and economic need the community was such organization performs operations. This provision is undertaken by business organization even when they are incurring losses. Contributing Keith and Robert (1975:38) argued that social responsibility involves objective concern for the welfare of the people within which organization conducts its tasks. The opinion of Koontz et al (1980:103) is that business social responsibility consists of an obligation to a decision maker or organization to make policies or plans that could protect and improve the welfare of the society and business own interest. Thus, for social responsibilities of an organization to be effective certain ethics, moral action, absolute standards, adequate information, inter-relationships should be established by parties concerned. In other words, ethics involves controls of pollution in the environment positive responsiveness providing for the less privileged, managing the poverty levels of the disadvantaged and other efforts that could better or improve the lives of all in the lost communities. Specifically, Ugwunna (1999:64) opined that business ethnics are guidelines as to what is right and moral in social, cultural and economic relationship. An example is a stamen as to whether it is morally good or legitimate to give or accept bribery in this society. It is the view of the researcher in this study that since social responsibilities of business and other organizations strategically positive them, (i.e its merits out weighted the demerits) it should be adopted and practiced. The analysis of business social responsibilities above confirmed business owners of sacrifice or assistance extend it to their last communities that guarantee a mutual relationship and benefits. Often times, this provision from a business to its environment may/may not have direct reward and effect to the business. In this process, business organizations identifies with the society. In brief, business social responsibilities have the capacity of improving the quality of life. The opinion of George (1985:153) is that in determining the effectiveness of social responsibility of a business organization, consideration need be given at the right time, in the right place and to the right person(s). In so doing organizations should consider the needs and interest of others that are directly or indirectly affected by the given actions. By the words of Onuoha (1998:414) effective business social responsibility consist of the public expect actions from business on social of the action. Accordingly, social responsibility involves the creation of a better environment for a business operation. It also assists business to avoid or reduce government regulation; hence business could grow both in social and economic powers. Infact, if provides a favourable public image that benefits stakeholders and the concerned business.

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Number of Pages91 pages
Chapter one Introduction
Chapter two Literature review
Chapter three  methodology
Chapter  four  Data analysis
Chapter  five Summary,discussion & recommendations
Chapter summary1 to 5 chapters
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