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The continued hostility of our host communities to companies operating in their communities especially telecommunication companies and also the lack of care by telecommunication companies is not a healthy situation for the development of our host communities in one part and also the spread of telecommunication or GSM services across our communities. This development calls for urgent application of Public Relation tools to curtail trend. This research work is interested in seeing how public relations practice could be used to establish and sustain mutual relationship, understanding, acceptance, confidence and goodwill among our host communities and telecommunication companies in Nigeria especially Celtel Nigeria Limited. In carrying out the research the simple random sampling method was used where the participants in the locations that the researcher came in contact with were allowed to take part in the study. The use of simple random sampling technique was to avoid bias in selection of sample size. The tool adopted for the study was the questionnaire. The questionnaire was divided into two categories; one for the publics/consumers of Celtel Nigeria Limited and the other for the management. The set of questionnaire meant for the management of the company was open ended questions. This was to allow the respondent answer the question sufficiently, from the company’s standpoint. The second set of questionnaire contains simple, precise and very clear questions, covering only one issue at a time and eliciting the exact information. The choice of a close ended questionnaire were because answers which are standard and could be compared from person to person are much easier to code and analyze, hence saving time and money. It is also pertinent as it helps respondents to understand the meaning of the question and answer correctly. The technique adopted in the administration of the questionnaire was more of a systematic random approach. From the analysis of the collected data, the researcher came up with the following findings: • That public relations practice, if properly and effectively applied can help the Celtel build and maintain their corporate image in the eyes of their host community. • That serious an aggressive public relation is needed to restore the public confidence in the minds of the host communities. • That mass media is effective in information and mobilization for public relations and corporate image policies of organization in Nigeria. From the above findings, the researcher recommends that Celtel Nigeria Limited shall do the following in order to maintain mutual relationship with their host communities, which is the main function of public relations practice: 1. Celtel Nigeria Limited and its host communities’ dialogue must be the guiding principles to resolve all issues of concern to the communities where the company is operating. This will rapidly help reduce suspicion, falsehood and thereby creating and sustaining mutual understanding and relationship with their host communities. 2. Economic ventures should be established in the communities. The communities should be properly assisted and encouraged to embark on job creation and income generation ventures to boast the economy of the communities. Establishment of small-scale industries should also be considered. 3. Celtel must put in place the necessary infrastructural facilities for anticipating, avoiding, resolving and managing conflicts. The community public relations committees should be properly constituted with professionals in the relevant fields including public relations to enhance mutual relationship and peaceful co-existence.

Project detailsContents
Number of Pages125 pages
Chapter one Introduction
Chapter two Literature review
Chapter three  methodology
Chapter  four  Data analysis
Chapter  five Summary,discussion & recommendations
Chapter summary1 to 5 chapters
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