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The study examined the relationship between teacher motivation and job satisfaction in schools of Nursing in South East Zone of Nigeria. The study became necessary because of the mass exodus of nurses and nurse educators from Nigeria to overseas Country. An ex-postfacto design was adopted for the study. All the 158 teachers of nursing in the fourteen schools of nursing in South East Zone were used as the sample of the study. To guide the study, eleven purposes of study were formulated, eight research questions and six hypotheses tested at 0.05level of significance. A Questionnaire item constructed by the researcher for purpose of the study was the instrument used for data collection. Cronbach Alpha statistics technique was used to determine the reliability co-efficient. The reliability values of performance orientation (.921) Mastery Orientation (.834) and Avoidance orientation (.908) in each of the clusters were obtained. The value of (.896) was obtained for job satisfaction items. These values were considered high enough to deem the instrument reliable. Data collected was analyzed using mean, standard deviation and Analysis of variance (ANOVA). The results revealed that the teachers of nursing have different motivational patterns. Significantly, the motivational patterns of teachers of nursing were found to have significant relationship with job satisfaction. It was also found that teachers of nursing in federal schools are more satisfied than the state teachers while state teachers are more satisfied than the mission teachers. Further more. gender, educational qualification and years of experience have no significant relationship with the motivational patterns and job satisfaction of teachers of nursing. Based on the above findings, conclusions were drawn and the educational implications discussed. Among the recommendations made were that: • Nurse Managers and principals of schools of nursing should feel the pulse of their teachers and enshrine the spirit of achievement through recognition, encouragement and reward of excellence. • teachers of nursing should be involved in decisions affecting them and their work. The work environment should be made interesting and challenging for them • Government on her own should institute a unified salary structure for all nurses in the federation irrespective of ownership of schools

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Number of Pages152 pages
Chapter one Introduction
Chapter two Literature review
Chapter three  methodology
Chapter  four  Data analysis
Chapter  five Summary,discussion & recommendations
Chapter summary1 to 5 chapters
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