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 For the purpose of this study 
I am emphasizing on the sale forces motivational practices in Carmelite Paint Industry. There have always been cases of insufficiency as regards employees’ performance in organizations and this might be as a result of internal and external factors as is also the case of Carmelite Paints. The study will try to x-ray the impacts of motivational practice as a means of reducing inefficiencies in the employees of Carmelite Paints performances. It will also show how well motivation increases employee’s productivity. The nature of motivational problems is such that employees are not motivated that is, their needs not taken care of or satisfied, they will feel dissatisfied. Since satisfaction is gotten when motivated, that is employees have to be motivated otherwise they start exhibiting some negative characteristics towards their job which might be detrimental to the organizational goal. In any the basic method of paying an employee for his labor is through wages or salary for each unit of time spent on the job or amount of work done. Traditionally, the obligation of the employer to his employee was considered complete with the payment of his salary but with increasing industrialization the interest of employees has widened to include more than this basic payment; concurrently, the employees ability to provide supplementary compensation has widened. There is no universally accepted group of practices embraced by the term motivation practices a specific benefit to the employee and secondly it must represent a cost to the employers. Since the main purpose of all marketing endeavor is to increase profitable sales by offering want satisfaction to the market in the long run, personal selling is by far the major promotional method used to achieve this aim. Any organization that hopes to record any long lasting and appreciable rate of success must necessarily and consistently give recourse to meaningful marketing efforts. Gerald and Church Hill [1979] observed in their work that success for almost every industrial firm rests on this ability to develop a strong personal representation with its customers and prospects. It is a great considered opinion that firms must attract, select, train and retrain sales representatives who have the skills and aptitude to cope to the demand of job given to them. To attract, select, train and retrain competent sales force is by no means a minor issue. It is such a complex problem that needs to take into focus the full attention of marketing managers and particularly all organization. It even takes into account a more problematic dimension when the field sales force is the nerve center of the business. The reason is that field salesmen usually work alone and are often away from home and family. Their job is often one of the frequent frustration and loss of ego by reason of its very organic and logical exigencies [Kotler,1964 : 694]. Still he field salesmen are entrusted with the performance of core essential functions such as observing the sales rate of competing products, and competitive a brand introduction, trends in consumers preferences, etc and reporting same to their organization for research purposes [Nwokoye, 1981:218]. For them to properly act diligently to the job, it behooves their organization to efficiently motivate them if they are to put in their best and perform their duties with meritorious dispatch. The issue at stake is basically that of sales force motivation.

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Number of Pages124 pages
Chapter one Introduction
Chapter two Literature review
Chapter three  methodology
Chapter  four  Data analysis
Chapter  five Summary,discussion & recommendations
Chapter summary1 to 5 chapters
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