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This research focused on critical appraisal of the ways in which public Relations Management can foster the cause of sustainable democracy with particular attention on its effectiveness in fostering partnership between the executive and the legislature. A total of 246 questionnaires were designed and issued to the respondents in line with the sample size. Out of the number distributed, 201 of the questionnaire representing 81.7% were collected and returned, in which 168 of them representing 68.3% were actually validated and used in the final analysis. To find answers to the issues portrayed by the objectives of the research work, the research addressed the following problems in the study viz: 1. What is the effect of the frequent crisis between the executive and the legislative arms of government? 2. What benefit does the crisis or disagreements portray for democracy in Nigeria? 3. What role has the constitution to play in resolving this problem? 4. What alternative(s) is left in managing these conflicts so as to yield good democratic dividends to the masses and electorate? The data gathered from the expensive presentation and in-depth statistical analysis of facts indicate that elected officials and members of executive and legislative branches of government have not displayed good thinking over prospects for effectiveness with and through the support of others and also do lack awareness about matters relevant for policy results by means of invoking broad constituencies and institutions. The state of executive legislature relations in fourth republic is not satisfactory given the dysfunctional conflicts that occurred in the first tenure of the administration and the attendant effect on its performance. The result of this is that meaningful use of the persuasion process is derived. Persuasion can unite the president and key officer and members of the National Assembly in spite of the doctrine of separation of powers and yet permits maximum choice of action and decision. It is indeed discovered that public Relations management can create the realisation that effectiveness is not the equivalent of sample political survival of sample political survival rather it is moving a constituency and possibly the society in the direction it must go in its own collective interest. Against this background, autocracy in civilian administrations has a direct relationship with insensitivity to the needs, values and reactions of constituents and to the demands of the communicative occasion involving government officials

Project detailsContents
Number of Pages124 pages
Chapter one Introduction
Chapter two Literature review
Chapter three  methodology
Chapter  four  Data analysis
Chapter  five Summary,discussion & recommendations
Chapter summary1 to 5 chapters
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