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Human resources management is based on the main goals of an organization. Every aspect of an organization of its human resource of all tasks of management, managing the human component is the central and most important task, because all else depends on how well this is done. The challenges of Human resources management are lack of qualified manpower technological, management, sociological and economic problems. These problems can be rectified by effectively planning training and motivating the manpower, encouraging self reliance among graduates. To face these challenges, organizations should recognize the fact that human resources are inevitable. This is because of their role as the prime movers of all productive activities. Donnelly et al (1992), Human resource management is the process of accomplishing organizational objectives by acquiring retaining terminating, developing and properly using the human resource in an organization. Onwuchekwe (1995), business organizations require human resources from time to time as a result of changes in the present work force within the organization, technology, the environment and the present strategy of the organization. Human resources management entails working with and through people to accomplish the tasks of forecasting, planning, organizing, controlling and co-ordination, planning, organizing, controlling and co-ordinating with effect leadership traits, recognized and established that the human resources is the most important of all the factors of production. Imaga (2001:92), the human resources approach to management is developmental. It is concerned with the growth and development of people towards higher levels of competency, creativity, and fulfillment because people are the central resources of any public enterprises. It is facilitative and helps people grow in self control, responsibility and other abilities, as well, attempts to create an atmosphere in which all employees may contribute to the limits of their improved abilities. The expectation is that expanded capabilities and opportunities for people will lead directly to improvements in operating effectiveness. Work satisfaction will also flow directly from employees making fuller use of these capabilities. The expectation is that direct improvement in operating efficiency will result from expanding subordinate influence, self direction and self control. When subordinates make full use of their human resources, work satisfaction may improve as a by product. In human resources the manager is concerned with understanding the complexity of human motivation, learning theory and behaviour modification. He gets involved in psychological processes and personality theory, and in understanding the dynamics of individual differences and group dynamics. It is the point of departure for the study of organizational behaviours the manager’s role changed from control of employees to support for their growth and performance. He provides the type organizational climate in which employees can grow and be productive. The allocation and effective utilization of human resources can be pursued by two strategies which are fundamentally different and are based on different assumptions. The first is associated with human resources psychology, which emphasizes the selection of the right people fitting him to the right job. An essential condition for the staffing of organizations roles is to result a people who are likely to have qualifications required and to select from among them those who will be most likely to perform the job well. Candidates are subjected to various tests or observed systematically to make it more likely that the candidates with the best qualifications are picked and trained. Thus from the pool of human resources, people already fit organizational requirement or who can at least be trained to fit them are selected and allocated. This is not so in most public enterprises. In some of them vacant positions are filled up at the order of top government executives and are merely advertised to complete the formalities. In some cases, vacant positions are not advertised at all. The top bureaucrats will just covertly fill the position with their relationship and friends. In doing this we can be sure that the persons employed may not be very qualified for such positions. Where this is the case, people can predict what comes next-problems here and there. The administrative virtues to trust and intimacy on which the extension theory (theory z) rest are almost non-existent. We neither trust ourselves nor trust others. We are not subtle and so rarely expect subtlety from others in our work place. We are either two sanity or too devilish to relate with others in the place of work to the extent that when a normal lizard, rate or cockroach finds its way into the dilapidated old fashioned cupboards or lockers, some immediately take ill and begin to die for nothing other than the thoughts of the minds, Imaga (2001:100). In terms of recruitment, where the process sis now followed accordingly, the new employees are not trained and are not formally introduced to the jobs where such employees lack the requisite qualifications for positions, they are usually not placed on the appropriate salary structure and do not enjoy retirement benefits. This is why it is common practice for people in most public enterprises to sit tight in their offices after they have reached their retirement age. Such people go as far as submitting sworn declaration of age or affidavit, reducing their actual age in order to stay longer in office. Those anomalies in public enterprise create a lot of problems in human resources management and that is what this research project sets out to identify with a view to proffering solutions to them.

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Chapter two Literature review
Chapter three  methodology
Chapter  four  Data analysis
Chapter  five Summary,discussion & recommendations
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