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 The need for participation by staff or subordinate managers in the budgetary processes and the use of budgeting as an effective control tool in any organization cannot be over emphasized. This topic was chosen because of the need for increased participation in budgetary processes in order to nip in the bud the continued adverse budget variance and non implementation of budget figures. Obviously, full participation by users and implementers of budget details aid in speeding and actualizing management functions and organizational goals. Regrettably, this very important tool is not effectively put to use by some line managers and departmental heads, thereby jeopardizing the cumulative impact of budget, threatening good performance which lead to decline in liquidity of cash budgets in most Nigerian organization. In view of the foregoing, this research work investigated into the significant impact of participation in budgetary system and its implementation in optimizing total product liquidity and attaining corporate goals of Nigeria Bottling Company Plc Owerri and Emenite Ltd Enugu. This study investigated whether both companies apply participatory budgetary procedures in their operations, that is, whether process of democratic deliberation and decision-making, in which not only line managers and departmental heads but also senior staff and subordinate budget users contribute in the budgetary process of allocating part of corporate organizational resources designed to achieve corporate goals and if so, to what extent does this help in the planning, controlling, decision making and attaining. In carrying out this task, the researcher had to carry out surveys through the use of questionnaires and oral interview with two key officers of both companies, also the use of product moment coefficient of correlation was used in testing the formulated hypotheses and the use of frequency table for analyzing the collected data. After carrying out the research, the researcher arrived at some findings. The major findings showed that, the Nigeria Bottling Company Plc Owerri and Emenite Limited each installed a participatory budgetary system among other managerial tools. Furthermore, it was discovered that the system in both companies is laden with a number of errors like lack of cash budget, which gave rise to most of the problems associated with the ineffective operations of the company. In consideration of most of the findings, it was concluded that effective participation in budgeting and its implementation is the key to optimizing product quality, enshrining control and actualizing corporate goals of manufacturing companies. Finally, the researcher observed that the Nigeria Bottling Company Plc has a better budgetary process that is responsible for her efficient management. However, the researcher recommends that there should be annual cash budget and the involvement of supervisors and operatives in the budgetary process, while the structural process of budget plans, deliberation and approval should be followed before drawing the master budget. On Emenite Ltd, the researcher recommended that there be continuous staff training on budgetary system, especially, on budget implementation process; while adverse variances should be given more prominence, if the recommendations are carried out, participatory budgeting will become on effective control tool for proactive management.

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Number of Pages122 pages
Chapter one Introduction
Chapter two Literature review
Chapter three  methodology
Chapter  four  Data analysis
Chapter  five Summary,discussion & recommendations
Chapter summary1 to 5 chapters
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