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 Politics seeks to govern a group of people with rules or regulations. It is the whole system directed at acquiring power to rule. This process of acquiring power is affected by a combination of many processes: democracy, autocracy, military, nepotism, plutocracy, aristocracy, or even anarchy. Organizational politics earns from the general knowledge of political culture in the outside society. It includes all that employee does to rise from one step to another that effect promotions and all the policies guiding employee rewards and discipline right from the day he is recruited to the day he leaves the organization. According to Robbins (1990:64), it is a continuous process that sees employees develop personal tricks on reeling with employees, maneuvering his way to the top echelon of power. According to him, it is a game of intrigues meted against compatriots, demeaning them before higher authorities or favor. This makes organizational politics seems as warlike phenomenon. But according to Otanka (2005: 706); it is not all negative. In fact he notes that it has more positive contribution to organization. He observes that it spurs every employee to be at alert to contribute his best to the growth of the business for appreciation so glaring to be denied by the higher authorities and everybody within the organization. According to Witlessly (2004: 19); organizational politics is the game of who gets what, how, when and where in any enterprise. It tries to pitch one employee against another. Organizational politics is the network of’ interaction by which power is acquired transferred and exercised. Dalton (2005: 15-21) reveals areas for political tension in any organization;  Long run vs short run politics and programme.  Labour vs management interactions  Struggles for promotions  Distribution of rewards  Interaction of organization doctrine. From these, we see that organizational politics tries to enable employees to be dynamic and appreciate a particular position, do all in their arsenal to get at it. It is left for the incumbent occupant to desire to shift upwards or downwards. This he does by his character. It pitches an employee against the other in ideas and performance; labor against management in politics as well as in nature of’ politics and programmes of action and rewards.

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Number of Pages101 pages
Chapter one Introduction
Chapter two Literature review
Chapter three  methodology
Chapter  four  Data analysis
Chapter  five Summary,discussion & recommendations
Chapter summary1 to 5 chapters
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