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Background of the Study

 The Parents Teachers Association, like the name indicates, is an association, comprising Teachers and Parents. It is obvious from the name, that such an association is formed for the welfare of children/students in mind and the welfare of the school in general. National Congress of Parents and Teachers, also National Parent-Teacher Association (PTA), a child and youth advocacy volunteer group, the largest of its type in the United States, founded in 1897 in Washington D.C. (Microsoft Encarta 2007). Parent-Teachers Association (PTA) is a voluntary and welfare organization that brings together the major stakeholders in education, which are the parents, guardians and teachers of pupils in a particular school. They help in fund-raising, maintenance of discipline, seeing to the welfare of the school, and creating a bound between the school, the home, and the community, between the parents and the teachers and building parent involvement at school and other activities relating to the welfare of the school, rather than the progress of individual pupils. Eze, (2008) defined P.T.A as “a membership organization for parents of students/pupils and teachers of schools. The associations are groups made up of parents, teachers and sometimes others within the school community. They provide a range of opportunities for parents or care givers to be actively involved in supporting schools, for the overall benefits of their children. The importance of PTA cannot be over emphasized, especially now that it is clear that government alone cannot shoulder the responsibility of providing qualitative education for every citizen.” After the government takeover of schools, the then East Central State Government saw the need for the involvement of the community especially the Parents Teachers Association in the administration of Schools. It saw that it was obvious that government alone cannot cater for the education of the children, and that there is the need to involve the Parents Teachers Association. The children, belong to the Parents who are the PTA, therefore, the education of the children is important to them too. It is a collective responsibility. Government plays its role, and parents including teachers, play their own role in the education of the children. Ezeocha, (1990), saw the Parents Teachers Association as a voluntary and welfare association of parents/ guardians of children of a particular school with the teachers who teach in that school as members. Parents Teachers Association also helps to promote an understanding between the home and the school, which is between the teachers, the parents and the student. Ukeje, (1992), sees Parents Teachers Association as a formal establishment that comprises parents whose children are currently registered as students in a school with teachers in that school. From the definitions we see that though parents sometimes are not really the official teachers of their children, they play an important role in the training of their children both at home and in the school; because they serve as a link

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Number of Pages93 pages
Chapter one Introduction
Chapter two Literature review
Chapter three  methodology
Chapter  four  Data analysis
Chapter  five Summary,discussion & recommendations
Chapter summary1 to 5 chapters
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