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 The rate at which public organizations are winding up these days is a serious signal that something is wrong with their decision making system. The deplorable state of majority of these public organizations such as the Power Holding Company of Nigeria (PHCN) in spite of the billions of naira being injected into the Power sector annually is having a ripple effect on the economy of Nigeria. A good number of these organizations have either been closed down owing to the fact that they could no longer fulfill the purpose for establishing them or have been privatized with the intent to address the anomaly as this has greatly increased the rate of unemployment and caused a sharp decline in the standard of living. In recent past, a lot of measures such as downsizing and mere introduction of computers in the work place considered ideal to address this problem were initiated by the federal Government, but it yielded little or no results while the problem persists. This clearly points to the fact that, the managers charged with the corporate responsibility of making dynamic decisions that would put this organization on the path of sustainable growth and quality service delivery are not making the right decisions or do not have access to accurate, timely and quality information. Managers and business leaders have to accomplish several functions and perform different roles. These roles are connected to communication, information and decision making. The decision managers make often influence the lives of many individuals, business and even the whole society. Decision making is one of the primary responsibilities of being a Manager. The quality of a manager’s decision is important for two principal reasons. Firstly, the quality of a Manager’s decisions directly affects his career opportunities, rewards and job satisfaction. Secondly, managerial decision contributes to the success or failure of an organization, (Cole,1996). It is against this backdrop that, Management Information System is considered as a veritable tool in addressing the issue of Poor Organizational Decision Making. Though, it is an established fact that, MIS may not always provide all the solutions to organization’s poor decision making, but it sure goes a long way in addressing it as far as the success of every organization is tied to the quality of Information available to the decision makers in the organization, (Harvey, 1994). 
 The statement of problem in this study is to find out if organizational decision making can be improved by proper implementation of Management Information System in PHCN. In Nigeria today, a lot of business organizations are winding up. This no doubt, is as a result of the poor decisions made by those charged with the responsibility of managing such organizations. Over the years, the decision-making efforts of professionals and conventional managers have yielded little or no result as solution to the cause of this trend is not even in view. Equally, managers’ functions, be it managerial or operational revolve around decision making. In view of this, any decision not carefully made may eventually lead to organization’s failure. This is where the problem of the study lies. It constitutes an inquiry into why managers make poor decisions and also, to ascertain whether proper implementation of management Information system (MIS) can improve decision making in PHCN.


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Number of Pages89 pages
Chapter one Introduction
Chapter two Literature review
Chapter three  methodology
Chapter  four  Data analysis
Chapter  five Summary,discussion & recommendations
Chapter summary1 to 5 chapters
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