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 This study was carried out to determine the extent of knowledge and utilization of family conflict resolution strategies by newly married in Enugu State. The sources of family conflict resolution strategies available to the newly married, the extent to which the level of knowledge and utilization of family conflict resolution strategies were dependent on gender were examined. The effectiveness of the family conflict resolution strategies was ranked. Six research questions were generated and two null hypotheses were formulated to guide the study. A structured questionnaire, validated by three experts, was used to collect data from 600 couples purposively selected from the newly married persons resident in the six education zones of Enugu State. Copies of the questionnaire were administered directly to the subjects by the researcher. Mean scores and percentages were used to analyze the data collected. The study found out that the newly married are aware to a very great extent that discussion, negotiation, use of third party, accommodation, and sincere apology are family conflict resolution strategies. The primary sources of family conflict resolution strategies are through teachings in the church, listening to radio programs, discussion with parents, and through enlightenment from family counsellors. The newly married selectively utilize some family conflict resolution strategies to a very great extent, while some they do not use at all. Discussion and sincere apology are rated very effective in resolving family conflict; negotiation, empathic listening and accommodation are rated effective but the use of third party, avoidance, intimidation, and neglect are rated not effective in resolving family conflicts. A major educational / counselling implication of these findings is that married persons are aware of many family conflict resolution strategies and they selectively use some of these strategies to a very great extent. Based on these findings, it was therefore recommended that would-be couples should through pre-marital counselling be equipped with these strategies that are effective in resolving family conflicts. Relevant government agencies and civil societies should financially encourage writers to include in their works these strategies that are rated very effective in resolving family conflicts.

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Number of Pages138 pages
Chapter one Introduction
Chapter two Literature review
Chapter three  methodology
Chapter  four  Data analysis
Chapter  five Summary,discussion & recommendations
Chapter summary1 to 5 chapters
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