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 In all the areas of organisational behaviour, the handling and management of emotions and behaviour seem neglected. These are required for organisations to survive otherwise personal tensions and conflicts may result. People experience great difficulties in copying with fierce even outrageous impulses. Researches have been conducted on organisational behaviour, managing behaviour and challenges/prospects of managing behaviour in organisations. Such researches provide general guideline to managers on ways of structuring organisations for effective management of behaviour. Literature is less clear on the extent to which organisational behaviour can influence employee behaviour and management in the banking sector. This has become a problem for business managers on how to determine and encourage positive behaviour in banking industry where relationship between customers and workers are more personal and direct-oriented. This study summarised the literature on the selected organisational behaviour variables and employee management and the findings connecting the two concepts. The empirical study focused on the selected organisational behaviour variables. Methodology adopted for the research was survey system that involved the application of questionnaires and interviews to generate data on the subject of study. The study was done in nine (9) money deposit banks in SouthEast Nigeria. The population of the study was 2,571 and using Freund Williams’ formula, a sample size of 553 was established and proportionally allocated through the aid of Bowley’s method. Analysis of data was done first through the determination of frequency distribution of the variables. Regression analysis was used to test the hypotheses to determine the relationship/influence each organisational behaviour variables of motivation, communication, leadership style, group membership and organisational culture has on employee behaviour and management generally and job satisfaction, creativity, absenteeism, group norms and socialisation respectively. Probability level of acceptance was 0.05. Pearson-Product Moment Correlation Coefficient was used to test the reliability of instrument using Likert 5 – point scale; the population mean (µ) cut-off point of 3.00 was established and the findings revealed that motivation, leadership style, communication, group membership and organisational culture had positive significant relationship with job satisfaction, creativity, absenteeism, group norms and socialisation respectively and consequently affect employee behaviour and management. In conclusion, the study suggested that managers in the Nigerian banking sector should strive to identify the role each independent variable plays in employee management having established the existence of positive relationship between the two variables. The study recommended that managers in the Nigerian banking sector should encourage innovation and creativity as motivators, embrace transformational leadership style, transferring and operationalization of information should be effectively done, encourage group formation and adopt flexible and adaptive culture so that the gap between enacted and actual culture is bridged. This research has contributed to knowledge by submitting that the management of the banking sector and other service and non-service organisations can use the results of this study as a guide in behaviour management.

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Number of Pages188 pages
Chapter one Introduction
Chapter two Literature review
Chapter three  methodology
Chapter  four  Data analysis
Chapter  five Summary,discussion & recommendations
Chapter summary1 to 5 chapters
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