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 This study was designed to investigate the influence of demographic factors on stress perceptions and stress management practices of teachers of public secondary schools in Cameroon. Four research questions were posed and five hypotheses postulated to guide the study. Specifically the study sought to find out the factors causing stress, symptoms of stress, influence of stress and stress management practices adopted by teachers. The work also examined influence of gender, qualification, experience, cultural background, school location and school size on stress perceptions, symptoms, influences and stress management practices of the teachers. The study employed an Ex- post facto research design. The population of the study comprised all the 5482 teachers, 3230 from Littoral and 2252 from the South-West Regions. The sample consisted of 986 teachers from the two Divisions, urban and rural in each Region representing English and French-speaking teachers. The proportionate stratified random sampling technique was used to randomly select 18 % of 150 schools and all the teachers were used for the study. 405 teachers from South West and 581 from Littoral were used. Data for the study was collected using a 62- item instrument titled Teacher Stress and Stress Management Practices Questionnaire (TSSMPQ). Experts from the Department of Educational Foundations; two in Educational Administration, two in Psychology and one from Educational Measurement and Evaluation face validated the instrument. The final draft of the instrument was validated and translated into French by an expert translator. Internal consistency reliability of the instrument was estimated using Cronbach alpha technique based on trial testing. Descriptive statistics of mean scores were used to answer research questions, while multiple regression analysis was used in testing the hypotheses at probability level of 0.05. The major findings revealed that, factors that constituted stress to a high extent were: students’ misbehaviour, large classes, poor salaries, lack of basic facilities for teaching, high work load, short time frame for marking and submission of results and irregularity in promotion. Pains and consisted tiredness or fatigue were symptoms of stress occasionally manifested. Teachers occasionally suffer from inability to manage time well and meet deadlines as the influences of stress on them. Teachers adopted stress management practices such as: eating balanced diets, being religious, thinking objectively about a situation and keeping one’s feelings under control, doing physical exercise, relaxing after work, giving and receiving social support from colleagues, avoiding confrontation with people and so on. Perception of stress was not influenced by factors of gender, qualification, experience, cultural background, school location and size. Manifestations of symptoms of stress significantly depended on the combined influence of gender, qualification, experience, cultural background, school location, and school size. However, only size of school significantly influenced symptoms of stress and the influences of stress on teachers. Combined influence of the independent variables on stress management practices adopted by the teachers was significant. Only gender, experience and cultural background significantly influenced stress management practices of teachers. The study recommended that Government should provide adequate facilities in schools and improve teachers’ conditions of service. The important limitation was the reluctance of respondents to the responses that led to low return of copies of the instrument. A suggestion for further study was for a replication of the study to be carried out in other Regions with a larger sample and a different design.

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Chapter one Introduction
Chapter two Literature review
Chapter three  methodology
Chapter  four  Data analysis
Chapter  five Summary,discussion & recommendations
Chapter summary1 to 5 chapters
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