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In any organization not everyone is fully equipped with the ability for handling every task he is assigned. Training has been developed by organizations as a means of empowering workers to achieve this task. It has been the main factor for influencing the employees’ skills and abilities. People working in any organization either individually or in groups or in teams have never been able to handle their tasks on their own until and unless they provide healthy support to each other while working on their targets. Manpower training and development must be based on a need analysis derived from a comparison of “actual performance’’ and behavior with “required performance’’ and behavior. Manpower training and development is one of the major ways organization invests in the workforce for greater return today and even in the foreseeable future. Organizational effectiveness rests on the efficient and effective performance of workforce that makeup the organization. The efficient and effective performance of the workforce In turn, rest on the richness of the knowledge, skills and abilities possessed by the workforce. Manpower training and development in most organizations is a continuous act/exercise. The inexorable march of time and the ceaseless glamour for social change combine to make adaptability and continuing preparation of the workforce as inevitable as the initial acquisition of knowledge and skills. This cannot happen if employees training and development do not occur in an enterprise. In other to maximize the productivity and efficiency of the organization, every executive, manager or supervisor in a public or private organization has the responsibility and indeed the bounding duty to ensure the development of their employees who have requisite knowledge and expertise. Training is like sharpening an existing skill in order to reflect the trends in technology and other social cultural environmental changes of an organization. Performance is the goal of today’s competitive business world and training can be a spring board to enhance performance. The aim is to enable them contribute their full measure to the welfare, health and development of the organization. The main objective of training and development in service organization is to increase efficiency of employees with the resulting increase in corporate productivity. This accounts for why a large number of fund and time is expected by organization at one period or the order in the improvement of the skills of their employees at various levels. The principal intention of training is to equip people with the knowledge required to qualify them for a particular position of employment or to improve their skills and efficiency in the position they already hold. Manpower training and development therefore, improves the effectiveness and efficiency of the employee. Therefore, the aim of this research is to know the current state, nature, procedure and method of training and development used by organizations for their employees and let’s not forget that any organization that has no plan for the training and development of its staff is less than dynamic for learning is a continuous process and acquired skills get obsolete when the environment changes. Also, a popular caption in the field of personnel management says, “If you think training and development are expensive try ignorance’’. While training and development prosper organization, ignorance destroys it. Therefore, workers like machines must be updated on constant basis or else, they end up becoming obsolete or misfit. This study works to bridge the gap between employees’ abilities, skills and knowledge of work and organizational goals and objectives. It also necessitate that management should build their interest in continuously training their employees according to requirement of working environment and positively perceiving and responding their feedback.

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Number of Pages82 pages
Chapter one Introduction
Chapter two Literature review
Chapter three  methodology
Chapter  four  Data analysis
Chapter  five Summary,discussion & recommendations
Chapter summary1 to 5 chapters
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