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 Right from the beginning of Nigeria’s nationhood in 1960, it was clear that the rate of national development and technological advancement evolved not so much on the availability of means and resources but on the articulation and effective utilization of Nigeria’s vast human and material resources, Hacket (1979:41) highlights this when he observes that awareness of the necessity for training and development in Nigeria is low as reflected in productivity in Nigerian organizations. In order to get the best from employee, it is important for his employer to develop, train and retrain him to acquire and improve his skills, which enhances his productivity.. Training of employee has become a major pre-occupation in modern organizational objective of growth. To achieve this basic objective of growth and profitability, it means that management as well as employees must improve their input into the organization. This is because the performance of an organization is a function of the collective performance of employees. Garavan, Costine and Herathy (1995:47) opine that there are many critical factors which organizations must consider as they face the future. This alone implies that the success of an organization depends on who works to achieve the organization’s objective, that is, the presence of qualified manpower. The internal and external environments of any organization are dynamic. They change as time changes. For instance, changes have resulted from advancement in science and technology, intensified pattern of competition, quest for competitive advantages brought about by closer customer relationship, devolved decision making, quality improvement of products and services to mention just a few. This dynamic nature of organization’s environment triggered the thought of improvement in the performance of employees, in order to outweigh competitors by providing quality goods and services. In an attempt to remedy this basic quest for improved job performance, the issue of getting qualified staff as well as retain high calibre employees and develop a more flexible adaptable skill base to cope with the volatile market is therefore important. Armer (1970:30) emphasizes that over time, people become uneducated and therefore incompetent to perform at a level they once performed adequately. Training enhances this, as they are organizational efforts aimed at helping an employee acquire basic skills required for efficient execution of the functions for which they are hired. One would add that training is a set of activities, whereby, practitioners, managers or would be managers are assisted in improving their individual competence and performance as well as the organization’s environment with the ultimate goal of raising the standard of organizational performance. It therefore follows, that employee training and development are at the heart of employee utilization, productivity, commitment, motivation and growth. An organization may have employees that are determined with appropriate equipment a managerial support, yet employee performance falls below expected standards. The missing factor in many cases is lack of adequate skills and knowledge, which are acquired through training, Ubeku (1995:10) sees human resource management as a control function exercised by all managers in an organization and/or by a particular department often designated as personnel or human resources. It is therefore, important that the need for training be identified and provided for. It is an indispensable part of management function in terms of operational efficiency and effectiveness. This is because an organization which puts great emphasis on employee training is directly planning for its survival and steady growth.

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Chapter one Introduction
Chapter two Literature review
Chapter three  methodology
Chapter  four  Data analysis
Chapter  five Summary,discussion & recommendations
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