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 This study was concentrated on assessing the impact of the export zones on the exportation of cashew nuts in Nigeria. The export zones and cashew nuts exporters who are investors in the zones are facing a lot of challenges which include poor implementation of incentives (tax holiday, free export and import licences etc,) poor infrastructural facilities (processing plants, water, power supply) and bad roads which resulted to the waste of tonnes of cashew nuts. Strong attempt was made to find out the contribution of cashew nuts exports revenue to the country’s GDP. Four hypotheses were formulated from research questions which were in line with the objectives of the study. In research design, the survey method was adopted and primary data were collected by administering the questionnaire to respondents and interviewing them (management and staff of the export zones and cashew nuts investors in three geo-political zones in Nigeria which gave a good representation of the country. Also, secondary data were collected from CBN bulletin which were tested and was used to find out the contribution of cashew nuts export revenue to the country’s GDP. Data were analyzed and presented using tables, means and percentages. The copies of the questionnaire were directed to a sample size of 185 persons which were deduced from a population of 1,950 using Taro Yamane formula. The study was validated and tested for reliability using test re-test method which was calculated using Pearson Product Moment Correlation and arrived at a reliability coefficient of 0.98. The hypotheses were tested using ANOVA and Simple Regression to validate the postulations based on the decision rule. From the test of hypotheses, it was revealed that the export zones in Nigeria were not significantly committed to the implementation of incentives accruing to the investors, it was observed that poor facilities in the zones significantly affected the performances of the export zones; it was revealed that transportation problem significantly affected the activities of the export zones and exportation of cashew nuts in Nigeria and finally, cashew nuts exports revenue had significant contribution to the country’s GDP. Based on the findings, Recommendations were made; Nigeria Export Processing Zones Authority(NEPZA) should help investors by rendering for them, export promotions investments e.g corporate advertising, organize seminars and workshops to equip investors with export marketing knowledge and advisory service in support of export business, and also help them to engage in market research. NEPZA should arrange for investors; trade fairs within and outside the country to promote their products and acquaint themselves with the opportunities for new prospects. NEPZA should make sure that adequate facilities which aid the processing and exportation of cashew nuts are available in the zones and incentives properly given. Investors who are exporters should understand the marketing environment of their business with the outside countries. Conclusively, poor implementation of incentives and lack of adequate infrastructural facilities are the major causes of business failure in the export zones and cause the loss of huge amount of money which affected the country’s GDP.

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Number of Pages138 pages
Chapter one Introduction
Chapter two Literature review
Chapter three  methodology
Chapter  four  Data analysis
Chapter  five Summary,discussion & recommendations
Chapter summary1 to 5 chapters
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