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 Many factors have been fingered and blamed for low productivity of Nigerian economy, prominent among which is the weak industrial base. And this weakness is indicated by the low level of the index of capacity utilization in the manufacturing sector and general high rate of business failure in Nigeria. Having considered the problems from the accounting point of view, the researcher formed an opinion that EXPANDED (OR QUICK) PROFIT MOTIVE is a fundamental factor for failure of entrepreneurial efforts; this opinion considers the proper management of available resources – especially financial resource – as a primary factor that will make for success of a business venture. This expanded profit motive manifests in various forms, which include (a) lack of compliance to loan repayment schedule, (b) venturing into business without business ideas. (c) Over-pricing of products, (d) Employment of unskilled labour and high labour turnover etc. But whatever form(s) such manifestation may take, ultimately they culminate into poor discharge of business functions. Accordingly, this research was driven by the investigation and assessment of various manifestations of Expanded profit motive as to establish the truth or otherwise and the extent of their contributions to business failure. The investigation was carried out on the basis of five (5) stated hypotheses about which the research revolved. Besides the data collected from ALO Aluminum Company inform of responses obtained from questionnaires, the researcher visited some other establishments which are considered to be in position to have a store of data and numerical information that would have been useful for comparative analysis. Those organizations visited did not permit the researcher to avail the required data, and this made it difficult to use standard statistical technique, such as correlation coefficient and distributions in the analysis of data. Consequently, the researcher resorted to the use of simple percentage, published and verbal information as basis for conclusion. The research result suggests that every rational business owner/manager should strike a balance between profit motive and need for business survival.

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Number of Pages196 pages
Chapter one Introduction
Chapter two Literature review
Chapter three  methodology
Chapter  four  Data analysis
Chapter  five Summary,discussion & recommendations
Chapter summary1 to 5 chapters
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