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 An Organization does not operate in a vacuum. Generally, organizations operates in a multifaceted environment which is of itself subject to a large measure of change. The relationship between organization and its environment is one mutuality, and that is, the environment exerts pressures on organizations . Organizations also depends on its environment for the supply of all its input and at the same time to absorb its output. The environment provides opportunities or alternatives avenues for investments which the human manager can exploit to his or her advantage. The organization environment may also constitute a threat to the human resource department if changes in it are unfavorable to the organization. If the organization and its workforce must survive in the long run, it must be capable of responding and adapting to environmental conditions from time to time as these environmental factors are dynamic in nature, therefore the human resources manager should take decisions and execute them within the bounds or limits imposed by the environment. According to Rue and Byars (1990) effective human resources management embraces those activities designed to provide for and coordinate the human resources of an organization. Resources of an organization represent one of the largest investments in the form of wages and salaries, recruitment decisions and the practices that directly affect or influence the people who work for the organization. Thus getting and keep productive people is critical to the success of every organization whether profit or non-profit making, public or private. In essence, organizations through acquiring, developing, stimulating and keeping effective workers will enhance the growth and development of such organization. For an organization to survive in a constantly changing business environment, it must recruit, select and train its workforce with the almost care. The Human resources managers must strive to create conducive working environment and this goes beyond aiming for strike free situations. The organization environment must be constantly monitored, in order to adjust to the threat and exploit the opportunities presented by the environment (Eze and Anikpo, 1999).

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Number of Pages72 pages
Chapter one Introduction
Chapter two Literature review
Chapter three  methodology
Chapter  four  Data analysis
Chapter  five Summary,discussion & recommendations
Chapter summary1 to 5 chapters
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