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 Motivation involves a conscious decision to perform one or more activities with greater effort than other activities competing for attention. Motivation governs behaviour performance, selection, direction and level of effort. Organizations have set of goals and objectives that have been laid that would have to be attained for its growth and profit making. To achieve these set goals, staff have to be motivated to enhance their performance and motivation vary from one group to another. Also, it has been noticed that what motivates management staff may not necessarily motivate the middle and junior staff. ‘Employee Motivation and Job Performance’ abound in every sector of the economy of which Banking Industry is one. In this study, Universal Trust Bank Plc will be used as a case study because it is believe that all the categories of staff are expected to work in harmony towards the achievement of the organizational goals and objectives. The managerial challenge is to clarify reward available to employees and relate them to personal and team performance. The key is to make obvious in advance the payoffs people can expect for certain levels of performance, then follow up on satisfactory performance with feedback and appropriate motivation. Beerlson, B. & Steiner G.A. (1964 maintained that “if all those who may be considered potential contribution to an organization are arranged in order of willingness to serve it, scale gradually descend from possibly intense willingness through neutral willingness to zero willingness to intense unwillingness or opposition or hatred. The preponderance of persons in a modern society always lies on the negative side with reference to any existing or potential organization”. It is quite true that employers- of all organizations like Universal Trust Bank Plc will put in effort to achieve some goals that cannot be attained as individuals. But it does not necessarily follow that they will work and put in all they can do to accomplish the set goals. The management of the Bank should, therefore, build into the system factors that will induce employees to contribute effectively and efficiently as possible. The work explores the various reasons that make employees not to perform optimally on the jobs. This work recommends amongst others that Management of the bank should try to ensure that every department within the system maintains motivational plans in order to provide an atmosphere for higher performance productivity and efficiency. It further recommended that the Management of the bank should also endeavour to give promotion to deserving employees whenever dues the scheme should be well planned. Finally, the work concludes that motivations of employees in the bank is vital to employee’s performance and lack of a good and appropriate motivational plan my result in loss of quality staff.

Project detailsContents
Number of Pages95 pages
Chapter one Introduction
Chapter two Literature review
Chapter three  methodology
Chapter  four  Data analysis
Chapter  five Summary,discussion & recommendations
Chapter summary1 to 5 chapters
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