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 This study sought to examine the effect of comprehension teaching methods on reading comprehension of pupils with reading difficulties in schools in Federal Capital Territory, Abuja. Four research questions and 4 hypotheses guided the study. The study adopted an experimental research design. The population comprised 60 primary six pupils in Bwari and Municipal Area councils of the Federal Capital Territory Abuja. A comprehension Reading Passage developed by the researcher was used as an instrument for data collection which was validated by three experts in the field of special education, measurement and Evaluation and language education all in Faculty of Education, University of Nigeria, Nsukka. The internal consistency of the instrument was determined through trial testing of the instrument on 20 pupil;s outside the area of the study. The internal consistency of the instrument was determined using Kudar Richardson (K-R20) formula and reliability co-efficient values of passage 1= 0.643, passage 2= .58 and passage 3=0.77 were obtained respectively. Mean and standard deviation were used to answer research questions 1-4, while Analysis of Covariance (ANCOVA) was used to test the hypotheses at level of significance. Major findings of the study showed that the experimental group achieved better than the control group with comprehension teaching methods, pupils in the age 9 years and above achieved better than those in age below 9 years that male pupils achieved better than their female pupils, that urban pupils achieved better than the rural pupils. Based on the findings conclusions were drawn and the educational implications were discussed. Among the recommendations made were teachers of English language should develop ways of identifying pupils with reading difficulties, observe their performances in English language assignments, tests and examinations and be able to apply the appropriate comprehension teaching methods once they notice pupils poor performance due to lack of comprehension. Government should ensure that English language teachers get necessary training on comprehension teaching methods, skills through seminars, workshop as to improve their delivery process. Special educators psychologists, school administrators should encourage the use of comprehension teaching methods in schools because teachers and pupils see them as role models. The government needs to overhaul ministries of education to be abrest with new innovations on comprehension teaching methods so that curriculum planners and developers will effect them in their curriculum for primary schools as to improve reading comprehension of pupils with reading difficulties.

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Number of Pages109 pages
Chapter one (1)Yes  Introduction
Chapter two (2)Yes  Literature review
Chapter three (3) Yes methodology
Chapter  four (4) Yes  Data analysis
Chapter  five (5) Yes Summary,discussion & recommendations
ReferenceYes Reference
QuestionnaireYes Questionnaire
Appendixyes Appendix
Chapter summaryyes 1 to 5 chapters
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