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 This study sought to examine demographic variables as predictor of marital adjustment of female bank workers in Anambra State of Nigeria. The design of the study was Ex post Facto. Five research questions and four hypotheses were generated to guide the study. The population of the study comprised 1129 married female bank workers. A multi-stage sampling technique was used to select a sample of 565 married female bank workers. Questionnaire titled “Bank Workers Marital Adjustment Inventory (BWMAI) was used as instrument for data collection. Frequency counts, mean scores and standard deviations were used to answer the research questions while t-test and analysis of variance statistics were used to test the hypotheses. The findings of the study were marital adjustment problems of female bank workers as identified were communication problems, sex related problems, financial problems, management problems, occupational problems, social and interpersonal problems (Age) of female bank workers significantly influenced marital adjustment problems. Length of marriage of female bank workers significantly influenced marital adjustment problems. Number of children of female bank workers did not significantly impact on marital adjustment problems. Education qualification of female bank workers did not significantly impact on marital adjustment problems, except on two dimensions, namely communication and management. The implication of the findings is that there are six areas of marital adjustment problems of female bank workers and these include communication, sex related problems, financial management, occupational and social problems. This implies that there is need for marital adjustment to be established in such areas so as maintain marital cohesion. Based on the findings, the following recommendations were made: these is the need for an intervention measures targeted at reducing sources of marital adjustment problems for female bank workers to help them acquire the necessary skills for coping with marital adjustment problems. Counselling centres targeted at addressing personal related problems for female bask workers should be established in all the banks. In view of the attitudes of bank officials towards researchers it is necessary to enlighten them on the need for them to release information that is vital in understanding banking sectors operation.

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Number of Pages144 pages
Chapter one Introduction
Chapter two Literature review
Chapter three  methodology
Chapter  four  Data analysis
Chapter  five Summary,discussion & recommendations
Chapter summary1 to 5 chapters
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