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 When the pemberton, an American civil war veteran and pharmacist in 1886 was searching for a quick cure for headaches, little did he know he was on the path of investing one of the greatest production histories. As pemberton thinked with his medical formulas, he strived up a fragrant, caramel colored liquidized in a cauldron, took it to Jacob’s pharmacy a few doors away from where the mixture was combined with carbonated water. When sampled by customers, they testified to the uniqueness of the taste of the new drink. Pemberton’s book-keeper frank Robinson, named the drink coca-cola and wrote it out in his distinct handwriting, which to this day is the trade mark of coca-cola company. But pemberton, who was more of an inventors than a business man did not have the insight that he hit a gold mine. Over the course of three years, he sold the company to Atlanta business man, Asa Griggs Candler who became the first president. Griggs brought real vision to the business and invention to a business. Currently, coca-cola has over 230 brands in about 200 countries of the world including Nigeria. In Nigeria, the Nigeria bottling company (NBC) plc is a member of the coca-cola Hellenic bottling company group. It was incorporated in November 22nd, 1957to bottle and sell carbonated non-alcoholic beverages. The company has the sole franchise to bottle coca-cola product in Nigeria. Production of coca-cola began in 1953 at a bottling factory in Lagos (NBC). It became a public quoted company in 1972 with its share listed in the Nigeria stock exchange. Currently, NBC has 16 bottling facilities located around the country and numerous distribution warehouses, deports and outlets, while its head office is in Lagos. Coca-cola has a universal formula for its products. However, it has no universal taste as regional preferences are taken into consideration in preparing local brands. The range of coca-cola beverage in Nigeria includes: - Coca-cola (coke). - fanta (orange, lemon and black current flavor) - sprite - krest lemon - Guilder (black current, orange and pineapple) - And Eva table water. All these come in various packs and sizes. NBC uses returnable glass bottle that are manufactured locally by Beta industries (NBC owns 88% of Beta) as well as disposable cans and bottles. Coca-cola in Nigeria has over decades grown into an octopus, dominating the soft drink sectors with about 68% control of the market (Alabi 2002). The past World War II era was marked by industrial revolution. Before the period of the world war, most business enterprises were carrying on their business operation without stating the formal objective or formal long range business plan. Usually, business planning was confirmed to the lower original levels, namely: the functional or departmental level and they have only short term plans which focused mainly on manufacturing, production, material, ordering and receiving and recruitment of labour. Must companies use to have annual budget or yearly financial plans to ensure their liquidity. This resulted in the need for more accurate results in business planning and decision as competition grew and become more intense. Planning is a function performed by all managers. According to Trewartha and Newport (1976:90), planning is a process by which managers visualize and desired objectives. Akpala (1990:90) planning is a process by which managers visualize and determine future actions that will lead to the realization of desired objectives. Akpala (1990:44) defines planning as a process of using facts and assumptions about the future to arrive at course to of followed in seeking specific goals. Hicks and Gullet (1987:8) states that planning develops objectives for each level of the organization and determines ways to achieve those objectives. Koontz et al (1980:156), sees planning as the process of deciding in advance, what to do it, when to do it, where to do it, who is to it and even why it should be done. From the definitions above, certain things can be seen about planning: First, planning is a futuristic activity. Because of the future of planning, and for the fact that the future is uncertain, forecasting becomes necessary in planning. Planners must forecast the environment in which the objectives are to be accomplished. This is important because of the impact of the environmental factors on goals realization. Secondly, planning can be either individual based or organizational based. Individual base planning is the process by which individual set out their personal objectives. In the other hand, organizational based planning involves planning for corporations and other organization (Enudu, 2005:35). This brings us to the question of corporate planning. Corporate planning can be define as the process through which managers determine the long term objectives of their corporation/organizations and the courses of action necessary for the accomplishment of these objectives. Corporate planning is the top most and broadest of all plans, and therefore covers the entire organization and every functional area of the organizations business. It considers the whole organization and the factors operating in the external environment such as political, economic, institution, social, technological and ethical factors (Enudu, 2005:35). Scholars in management have classified plans in many different ways. To Hicks and Gullets (1987:258), corporate plans can be classified either as standing plans or single use plans. Plans can be classified according to the level in the organization. In line with this view, he classified plan into 3, corporate plans, strategic plans and tactical plans.

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