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 Background to the Study

 Information remains a vital aspect of human existence for without it, societal progress will be seriously impeded. Librarians have been the primary agents and providers of information and information materials. There is no doubt that all humans are living in an information age, an age where the difference between success and failure is hinged on information. That is why; it is globally acknowledged that, an uninformed person is basically deformed. Knowledge is what one knows; whereas, information is what people know. The fundamental distinction is that, knowledge is restricted to the individual who gains it while information is knowledge as is shared and communicated. If knowledge is recorded, then, it may be communicated at a distance in space and time. Edoka (2005), sees information as relevant data, fact or idea available for useful purpose. Information is a vital tool for economic, social, cultural, spiritual and political development. Information plays important role in overall well being of any nation that desires to sustain its prominence in the global scene. The freedom of information bill 2011 ACT in Nigeria is a vital tool for empowerment that allows meaningful contributions to the society. Judging from the above scenario, one with a good sense of analysis should know that the librarian has a vital role to play in seeing that information gets into the hands of end users. It is in this context that academic libraries are so important in any educational enterprise. Achebe (2005) notes that the study of ancient and medieval library leaves no one in doubt about the value of libraries in Education. She listed some protagonists of library services to include Edward of Edwards of Britain, Melvin Dewey of America and Antonio Pannizi of Italy who at various times in history of libraries worked tirelessly to establish libraries in their countries for the purpose of bringing education and knowledge to the doorsteps of their people thereby encouraging these people to read widely. Valid information is the key to knowledge which is a prerogative for any form of development. This is the reason why the value of any institution whose major stock in trade is information dissemination is a sine quo non in any growing nation. These immense benefits only come to play when the right information is provided to the user at the appropriate time. Problem solving requires information. Timely and valid information is the key to basic knowledge which is the baseline for any form of development.

Project detailsContents
Number of Pages124 pages
Chapter one Introduction
Chapter two Literature review
Chapter three  methodology
Chapter  four  Data analysis
Chapter  five Summary,discussion & recommendations
Chapter summary1 to 5 chapters
Available documentPDF and MS-word format


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