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 This is primarily a study of one aspect of the 4ps of marketing the pricing mix-as applied to the commercial banking industry. The current competitive climate within the industry calls not only for the development of varied new products, but also for the efficient marketing of these products. The bank like any other business enterprise depends on the patronage of its customers for survival. The consumer is the focus of modern marketing, be it in service firms like banks or manufacturing organizations. Goods and services which he needs must provide him not only at the right quantity, right quantity, right time and place, but also at reasonable and affordable prices. This study therefore is aimed at comparing the charges of selected bank products in Enugu Urban Area. The exercise begins with chapter one which is an overall introduction, encompassing the background of the study, scope, limitation of the study and theoretical framework. Chapter two is a general literature review of associated works on the theory of price and market price determination, consumers and bank charges monetary and credit policy guidelines of the CBN (for the administration of bank charges) and an overview of Commercial Bank Products. Attempt is also made to review the effects of de-regulation on bank charges on the need for the application of the marketing concept in the new banking scenario. The next chapter discusses the methodology of research and research design which embraced the sources of data, population and method of questionnaire administration. The data were presented and analyzed and tested in chapter four. 


 This work focuses on the comparative study of the pricing of Commercial Bank products in the Enugu Urban Area. Two populations were used for the study. The first comprises all the eleven Commercial Banks operating in the city. Six branches of these banks were selected and studied. The second population is made up of all the passbook or cheque-book carrying customers of the selected banks. A total of 95,224 customers make up this population out of which 402 were sampled. From the analyses of the data that is using the following statistical tools-ANOVA with F-Ratios: Differences between the means of two well-distributed population; and Two-factor, analysis, the following important findings were made from the study. - There is no significant difference in the prices of bank products among Commercial Bank operating in Enugu - There is also no significant difference between the degree of customers’ awareness of price variation among the banks before, during and after every bank transaction. - The majority of bank products studied showed that “money price” alone does not have significant influence on consumer’s product and bank switch behaviours. - Consumers are however often attracted by other attributes of price such as bank’s accessibility, courtesy, promptness of services, friendliness of staff, etc, in making their pricing decisions. In view of the above findings, the recommends that: - Since bank consumers’ buying decision processes are not often influenced by only monetary price, it is necessary that banks’ incorporate the concept of “total pricing” or “package pricing” when setting prices for their products. - To realize the above objectives, banks should as a matter of urgency open up a separate pricing department or make marketing departments as is the case in some manufacturing concerns. - The CBN as an apex monitoring authority should step up checks on the operations of the Commercial Banks to ensure strict compliance with the pricing guideline as are stipulated in the Banker’s Tariff.

Project detailsContents
Number of Pages155 pages
Chapter one Introduction
Chapter two Literature review
Chapter three  methodology
Chapter  four  Data analysis
Chapter  five Summary,discussion & recommendations
Chapter summary1 to 5 chapters
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