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 The study is on availability and utilization of web-based information resources for researchers in universities in Benue state. The descriptive survey technique was used While a four part research questionnaire made up of nine items was designed to guide the study. An availability and utilization of web-based information resources for researchers in universities in Benue state questionnaire AUWBIRRUQ was developed and validated through expert opinion. An observation checklist and interview guide was also formulated to help the researcher dig deeper into the research. Mean and standard deviations were used to analyze data while responses from interview and observation were qualitatively analyzed. The findings of the study were;18 specific web-based information resources were reported as being available to the university researchers in Benue state. The three most important purposes for which researchers apply web- based information resources, were term papers, assignments and examinations. Postgraduate students reported greater availability of the resources compared to academic staff and the other specified group of researchers. The respondents generally showed positive attitude towards use of web-based information resources. Prominent among problems militating against researchers use of the resources in the universities were lack of skills, irregular power supply, crowded and uncomfortable environment, and slow server or research equipments. The implications of the findings of the study for university libraries, librarians and other ICT providers, library users and the government were discussed as follows; Researchers utilization of web-based information resources significantly for research and academic work implies that, university libraries that provide such resources effectively will help to promote academic scholarship and research. Secondly, it implies that unless universities include ICT training in their curricula for research students and staff, there will be an under utilization of the available web-based information resources which will lead to a downward slide in quality of academic and research. Thirdly, universities need the support of the government through policy implementation and provision of infrastructures that support the use of web-based facilities. Fourthly, researchers showed significant positive attitude towards the use of web-based information resources and services which is an avenue for university libraries to tap for the training of researcher to attain optimal utilization of the services. The recommendations based on the findings were cost of printing and downloading should be reduced, creation of websites for faculties and departments, more ICT education to library staff and library users, as well as regular servicing of web-based equipment and provision of alternative source of power.  

Project detailsContents
Number of Pages119 pages
Chapter one Introduction
Chapter two Literature review
Chapter three  methodology
Chapter  four  Data analysis
Chapter  five Summary,discussion & recommendations
Chapter summary1 to 5 chapters
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