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 This study was designed to assess the resources and services of academic law libraries in Enugu State, South-East Zone Nigeria. The scope of this study is Enugu State University of Science and Technology law library, Law School Agbani law library Enugu State and University of Nigeria Enugu Campus law library. Six research questions were formulated to guide the study. The target population for this study comprises Staff and registered users (lecturers and students) of the universities under study. The grand total of the population was 1317, that is 1220 registered students, 82 lecturers and 15 staff. A Sample of 244 students, 82 lecturers and 15 staff was used for the study. The sample size was got by dividing the population into strata and then random sampling was conducted within each stratum and was used to estimate the sample size. A descriptive survey design was adopted in carrying out the study. The study necessitated the use of descriptive Survey because it involved collecting data from this large population and describing the situation. The instruments for data collection were questionnaires. Out of 341 copies of questionnaires distributed to users (lecturers and students) and staff, 320 copies were returned, representing 98.2%. Frequency tables and means (x) were used to analyze the data collected. The research findings revealed that most of the law library resources such as law journals, international law reports, government publications like gazettes and white papers, Internet/ Computer resources, Audio Video, CD-ROM, non legal resources were not available in the academic law libraries under study. That basic law library services like noter-up services that is, amendment of laws were not provide in all the three academic law libraries, that the resources and services of academic law libraries were generally inadequate, that the methods of services delivery were not satisfactory to users (lecturers and students) and staff , that users were not satisfied with the resources and services of these law libraries because they are not adequate and current, that the major problems confronting these academic law libraries were lack of funds, that has remained a recurring problem that gave rise to other problems. That users and staff of these academic law libraries suggested some strategies to be adopted for improving resources and services of these law libraries. Based on the research finding, it was recommended that law library resources which are tools for lawyers, law students, law lecturers and researchers should be made available. That these resources should be adequate and current. That basic law library services should be provided in such a way that law library users should be satisfied with them. That the methods of their services delivery should be made satisfactory to the users to help them in their teaching, learning and research programmes. That these strategies suggested by these law library users for improving the resources and services such as providing adequate funds by the government and parents organizations, employment of qualified law librarians ,having sufficient law library staff. Provision of basic law library resources and services like law journals, internet/ computer resources, primary and secondary resources and non legal materials in their collections, having spacious accommodation, allocating at least be 5% from the annual recurrent budget to these academic law libraries and should be adopted.

Project detailsContents
Number of Pages111 pages
Chapter one Introduction
Chapter two Literature review
Chapter three  methodology
Chapter  four  Data analysis
Chapter  five Summary,discussion & recommendations
Chapter summary1 to 5 chapters
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