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This study was carried out to investigate the survey of community leadership roles on secondary schools development projects in Benue State. The research adopted descriptive survey research design. Four research questions and two null hypothesis guided the study. The population of the study is 1,200 which comprises of 670community leaders and five hundred and thirty (530) secondary school principals. The sample size of the study is 800 respondents. Simple random sampling techniques were used to select 300 principals and 500 community leaders. A 30 item questionnaire was administered on the 800 respondents. The instrument was validated by three experts, two in Educational Administration and planning and one in measurement and evaluation. The experts examined the instrument and modified it to suit the purpose. The validated was trial tested using 20 respondents which are outside the areas of the study. Cronbach Alpha technique was used for its analysis in the determination of the internal consistency of the instrument. This gave reliability to co-efficient values of 0.87, 0.79, 0.86, and 0.78 for cluster A-D respectively. These gave an overall reliability co-efficient score of 0.89. The major findings indicated that the respondents agree that roles of community leaders towards attainment of secondary school project include motivating the members towards project participation, seeking the opinion of community members before commencement of project, mobilizing the members of the community towards the project implementation, being active and leading by example, good and prudent on financial management. The findings also indicate that the educational background of community leaders affects the development projects of secondary schools. Furthermore the result shows that community leadership style most effective for proper execution of secondary school development projects requires a leader who seeks opinion of majority of community members before embarking upon a given project, among others. Also the result indicated that the major problems encountered by community leaders in executing secondary school development project includes; lack of coordination and lack of funds, among others. Based on the findings, the researcher recommended that community leaders should be committed in performing their roles in school developmental project; they should utilize their knowledge of their attained educational background to influence professionally the secondary school development project, among others.  

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Number of Pages104 pages
Chapter one (1)Yes  Introduction
Chapter two (2)Yes  Literature review
Chapter three (3) Yes methodology
Chapter  four (4) Yes  Data analysis
Chapter  five (5) Yes Summary,discussion & recommendations
ReferenceYes Reference
QuestionnaireYes Questionnaire
Appendixyes Appendix
Chapter summaryyes 1 to 5 chapters
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