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The Impact of The Petroleum Industry On The Urhobo 1908-1980 A History Survey


Over the last 200years, human activities have altered the earth's chemistry in ways that have caused staggering ecological and economic consequences.Two most important of these threats stand out,namely; risks to human and animal existence, and the forest resources. It, therefore, becomes clear that in growing third world towns such as Agbarho,Ekapramre, Kokori, etc.,call in Urhoboland, the people are exposed to the threats of environmental pollution. Indeed, the environment, depending on how it is maintained and preserved, remains the only supporter and ironically at the same time the greatest destroyer of our existence. The state of the environment in Nigeria gives a sad picture of a people living in a borrowed time, especially in the oil producing areas where people take polluted water indiscriminately. It is this concern for environmental problems on the part of the Federal Government that necessitated the creation of an Environmental Planning and Protection Division, about a decade ago, in the Federal Ministry of Works and Housing. It is the present state of our environment that has spurred this researcher to examine and evaluate the impact of the petroleum industry on the western delta area of Nigeria.
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