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The Anger Cloth: Its Potentials and Future


The attributes of textiles are immense. rn this study, effort has been made to highlight the attributes of the Tiv Anger and to explore its potentials of having wider impact in contemporary Nigerian fashion. In doing so other Nigerian woven c1oths in more popular use are looked into for possible solutions of improving the quality of the Anger cloth and saving it from possible extinction through the pressure of industrialization, and modern changes in fashion taste. The study focuses on the double heddle narrow band traditional weaving of the Anger cloth with two objectives: first, attempts towards its modification for wider acceptability and secondly, to incorporate some attributes of more popular Nigerian handwoven cloths into the Anger for enhanced quality and aesthetics of the material. The work is in six chapters. Chapter one is the introduction. Chapter two reviews available literature on Nigerian woven cloth to back up the later findings. Chapter three deals with the relevance and implications of the Anger cloth. It further looked at what motivates people's choice of clothing. Chapter four deals with methodological approach to the study, illustration of design concepts and the analysis of the design experiments. chapter five is the discussion on the design experiments carried out. Chapter six contains the summary and conclusion as well as recommendations proffered for further study. The whole idea would broaden the horizon of the present consumer8 of Anger cloths by offering them a wide selection of traditional fabrics, which includes Anger and derivatives of it achieved through interest in other people's cultural attire.
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