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Public Relations in the Nigeria Police Force: A Case Study of Lagos State Command


The aim of this survey was to find out what the public department of the N.P.F. was doing to help curb the drowning image of its organization. If a police public relations department does not exist – what strategy was it using and how effective are these strategies? Lagos state command and Ikeja local government members were purposively chosen to represent the entire force and the Nigerian public respectively. Data for this research was collected by means of questionnaires and interviews. These questionnaires were administered personally to three hundred and sixty people but only three hundred and fourty- eight copies were returned. From this total, a hundred and twenty were from police personnel while two hundred and twenty eight were from members of the public. At the end of the analysis, the responses of the both publics showed that the police relations strategies employed by the police was not effective enough; since the P.P.R.D was only reaching a low percentage of the target audience. Based on the results, the suggestions were made by the researcher as given by the publics.
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